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Exploring Legal Software Solutions

Today’s consumer is more discerning than ever, and that includes the clients we see in our law firms. With the technology revolution and the explosion of information that is available on the internet, clients no longer come to firms ready to follow their attorney’s advice and pay their fees without question. In order to keep up with the technological savvy and demands of their clients, law firms continue to work to meet the challenges they face in handling their growing firms as efficiently as possible. With a business unlike any other, firms continue to strive to find the best software to support their unique needs.

In a recent survey, managers of 51 law firms responded to share their solutions to time & billing, finance, and document management software.  While the software solutions they are currently working with meet their needs to a certain extent, the survey responses confirm that firms have yet to find an all in one software that they are satisfied will meet the needs of their firm. It seems we are all going to be making do as best we can with what we have until someone comes up with a better solution.

Common complaints with current software options include:

  • Lack of mobility/remote access
  • Poor reporting/report layouts
  • Poor or no integration with other law firm software
  • Lack of customization ability

It is my hope that this survey will help to shed some light on the pros and cons of the most common software currently being used in the industry so that the reader can make an educated decision in choosing the option that best suits their needs.  Based on current communication among current law firm managers throughout the country, Centerbase combined with NetDocuments seems to be the current preferred option for mobility and integration. Stay tuned for a future article with more information on these options.

Click here for the full survey report.